CSR SFPR mobile filter system with trailer is utilized to separate the hard and heavy materials within the water delivered from drills and other water basins in the agricultural irrigation and industrial areas. The system operates with pressurized water as an operating principle. The separation process is realized by removing materials heavier than water such as alluvium, silk, sand, moss etc

Technical Specifications

  • Water inlet pressure must be at least 2 bar.
  • Intake and outlet pressure of water must be 2 bar at least. 
  • Exit water value is 150 micron. 
  • Explosion risk against frost is prevented with discharge system.
  • Gaining time by means of easy installation and mobility.
  • Qualified and clean water outlet.
  • Long-life against corrosion by means of appropriate metal sheet thickness, sanding and electrostatic polyester powder painting application.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Connection valves available for fertilization.
  • CSRSFPR Filter saves time, energy and water.