CESURSAN FİLTRE brand was created by Esat Cesurer's desire to provide services for the drip irrigation sector while engaged with pressurized and non-pressurized tank production and camber press works since 1987.

    With a vision to produce filter devices for drip irrigation sector Esat Cesurer and his siblings have finally produced their first filter device in 2010 after 2 years of R&D studies and entered the market under the brand of CESURSAN FİLTRE. After conducting their production activities at İzmir Bornova 4th Industrial Park for 2 years, Mr. Esat has moved their operation to İzmir Kemalpaşa Industrial Zone as of 2014 due to increased demand.


  • Agricultural Irrigation Systems
    Agricultural Irrigation Systems

    The inadequacy of water resources requires the irrigation systems to be widespread as the irrigation performance is high. Therefore, wider areas can be irrigated by means of current water resources. Moreover, the importance of irrigation systems and methods is increasing day by day because of the fact that it requires less labor and energy and increases the performance and quality. 

    One of the methods fulfilling such conditions at the highest level is drip irrigation method. It can be stated especially that it is the most suitable irrigation method to irrigate fields of vegetables and fruits. 


  • Industrial Treatment Systems
    Industrial Treatment Systems

    “Industrial waste water” means the waste water originated from processing raw materials and producing products in industrial waste water purification facilities. Such waste water can be caused by processes of washing, heating, reacting, separating, carrying and quality control in industrial plants, factories, organized industrial zones. 

    The characteristics of industrial waste water varies from the processes, and the purification method and type is determined accordingly.



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