Sand filter systems are used in order to remove hard sludge, particles, solid suspended materials and organic and inorganic solid materials causing blur in the water. In addition to the separation of solid materials, its secondary duty is to protect the equipment placed later. Sand filter systems are utilized to remove blur in the purified water obtained from waste water purification systems as well as using as preliminary purification in process and potable water purification.

In a system whose filtration process is carried out well, the life of equipment extends and performance increases as the load delivered to the other purification filters is minimized. It can be preferred due to the fact that it can be easily cleaned and adverse washing process is done automatically. It has advantages “back washing” according to the media filters and other filter types. Back washing cleans contaminations accumulated within the filter, and renew the performance of sand filters. It can be preferred to use in filtration process for high capacity water. 

The features to be taken into consideration while preferring sand filters: 

  • Highest flow rate required through the filter.  
  • Structure of contaminants causing suspended solid particle and blur 
  • Feeding water analysis 
  • Specifications required in water to be filtered 
  • Fulfilling water requirement for adverse washing process 

Areas of Usage 

  • Industrial water purification
  • Preliminary purification before adverse osmosis 
  • Surface water increase 
  • Ground water increase 
  • Preliminary purification system before supplying fresh water and tank feeding water