The purification processes is quite important from the point of agricultural irrigation. Waste water is recovered and used in industry again all over the world. Purification facilities have supportive features for productive usage of water resources. Various applications are utilized in purification process. There are chemical purification methods as well as physical purification methods. Contamination factors of purification sludge are considered in the application called chemical purification. It is required to add chemical material in the chemical purification. Chemical purification processes constitute particular stages.

Chemical Purification Methods 
Different applications are utilized when the waste water is purified. One of them is chemical purification method. The processes can vary while many criteria should be considered in order to prefer waste water purification methods. It is seen that harmless or little harmful wastes occur during the chemical purification methods. The features of sludge appearing as a result of chemical purification are related to the chemicals used. The features of waste water are also considered during these processes.

It is seen that sludge appearing as a result of chemical purification have odor. It can be understood that this odor is not more than the preliminary sedimentation sludge. Firstly, raw waste water is taken while applying chemical purification method. Grid sand holders are activated in the following stage. After the preliminary sedimentation process, rapid mixing stage starts. Slow mixing and chemical sedimentation pools are parts of the process. It includes the stage determining the final disposal process related to preliminary sedimentation sludge and chemical sludge. 

Biological purification methods can be utilized out of the physical and chemical purification processes. Biological purification methods are preferred according to the biological features which contamination factors of purification sludge have. Organic contaminants dissolved in waste water are removed based on bio-chemical reactions while applying biological purification method. Operating with biological methods is the other feature of the application. Biological purification processes consist of deterioration of contaminant in the waste water under facultative, anaerobic and aerobic conditions. 

After these contaminants are deteriorated, they are converted to unharmful components for the environment. The factors called as contaminants are dissolved and suspended in the waste water. Various processes are applied while deteriorating the contaminants, organic and inorganic materials and microorganisms. There are parameters to be considered while choosing waste water purification methods. The characterization of waste water takes the first rank and the field costs should be taken into consideration. Furthermore, the feasibility of the field and the required water outlet quality are considered. It is also quite important to increase the standard of water quality in the future. 

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