Irrigation systems cover the applications aiming to take the water from the resource and deliver to the field and give to the roots of plants. Some factors are considered when irrigation system is projected. When taken into consideration from the point of farmer, the main purpose is to provide high revenue. In addition, the least loss is demanded during the transfer and application process. The long-term performance of farming area includes processes which cannot be ignored. 

Saltiness and underground water level should not be increased while it is required to prevent deterioration of soil structure and long-term wearing. Many criteria is considered while selecting irrigation methods. Surface irrigation methods called as basin irrigation, ceiling irrigation, long tray irrigation and irrigation ditch are preferred according to the soil condition. Drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation systems are utilized in relation to pressurized irrigation methods. 

Advantages of Pressurized Irrigation Systems 
Some advantages should be considered while applying pressurized irrigation systems. However, these systems have disadvantages. Facility costs of this kind of systems are high and great amount of energy is required during the irrigation season. It is seen that the facility costs are high in micro sprinkler irrigation under tree as well as drip irrigation. One of the significant benefits of these methods is to minimize the tension caused by moisture deficiency in the soil. By means of these systems, it is possible to deliver the nutritions required by the plant adequately on time of requirement. 

Only the roots are irrigated by providing with frequent intervals and a few amount by virtue of these systems. This kind of irrigation systems present better results in the areas in which there are limited water resources. Wider areas are irrigated while the current water resources are utilized in efficient and productive way. Micro sprinkler irrigation method as well as drip irrigation provides economic results. Moreover, it is possible to obtain more products. 

Minimizing the water loss takes place among the main precautions in relation to the agricultural irrigation. It should be considered while establishing water transfer and distribution systems. In the stage of preparing new irrigation projects, open canal-canalette systems should not be established, however pipe systems should be preferred. It is better to utilize pressurized systems when farm irrigation systems are necessary. It is required constantly to deliver adequate moisture in the efficient root part in order to grow the plants in the required conditions. It becomes hard to take the required performance from the plant due to the root part which has not adequate amount of moisture. 

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