The importance of water resources are the same both in the past and today. Having great significance in the past, water resources are under threat from the point of world’s future, and unconscious agricultural irrigation takes place among the main reasons to decrease the fresh water resources. The applications are various due to the various systems while solutions are being created for such problems by means of irrigation systems. The increasing world population is one of the aspects to be discussed from the point of the strategical importance of water. Irrigation has a quite significance in regard of increasing quantity as well as the product range in agriculture. 

In the application called irrigation, it is required to deliver water which is not taken with natural ways under suitable conditions so that the plants can complete normal growth.  When the irrigation is performed with correct methods and technics, water resources can be protected. It is required to mention two aspects in relation to the irrigation methods. Surface irrigation methods and pressurized irrigation methods are among the applications used.

What is Surface Irrigation Method?
In relation to the surface irrigation, the methods such as basin irrigation, ponding, long tray and irrigation ditch are utilized. Correct irrigation method means protection of water resources and obtaining the required performance. 

What is Pressurized Irrigation Method? 
It is required not to ignore pressurized irrigation method while mentioning irrigation methods. There are sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation among pressurized irrigation methods. It is seen that drip irrigation has various advantages. By means of the application called drip irrigation, particular area of the field is watered and the water quantity out of the requirement is taken under control. Moisture tension is kept low by virtue of drip irrigation allowing the roots to be moisturized constantly. Plant does not spend much energy by means of drip irrigation method as it enables the plant to take low tension moisture with the roots. Weed growth is minimized in the field by virtue of this method as it affects directly the product increase. 

Weeds do not grow in the dry areas because of the fact that irrigation is applied in the particular area of the field. Drip irrigation has advantages in relation to fertilization. The required nutrition is given to the root of the plant with this application. The requirement of fertilization is decreased as the roots obtain adequate nutrition. As a result obtained, it is understood that drip irrigation is more productive from the point of labor force as well as application time. Introducing various control systems related to agricultural irrigation and utilizing commonly are shaped by means of the researches.  

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