The method called irrigation covers the applications used in order to realize irrigation in agriculture. The problems encountered especially in agricultural irrigation are various. The aspects such as overuse of water, inadequacy of irrigation network and inadequacy of management should be taken into consideration.  

In relation to the irrigation, reusage of drenaige water, evaluation of waste water and water transfer processes from abundant areas to insufficient areas from the point of surface water are important. Moreover, it is required to raise awareness of farmers about pressurized water usage methods allowing water savings. 

Irrigation Problems 
The requirement of food and agricultural water increases distinctively based on the rapid population growth all over the world. Environmental factors such as limited water resources and global warming constitute threat for the world. It is quite important to utilize the limited water resources in an efficient and productive way. It is required to use and distribute the water resources in a planned way within the application called as water management. 

Over-irrigation causes high level of water loss in the networks. One of the problems occurring in the classical irrigation methods is small irrigation parcels and inappropriate dimensions of ditch or tray. This situation includes the effects complicating the water management. Water loss in the field occurs with these reasons. The other aspect within the irrigation problems is related to the operation of irrigation systems. Earth canals or classical concrete-covered canals can be used during the transfer and distribution of the water within the irrigation networks.  

Earth canals or concrete-covered canals are utilized while producing pipe systems as well as the canals and canalettes used during water transfer. It is seen that pipe systems used in new irrigation systems allow water savings. Therefore, it is preferred more commonly. 

The other aspect within the irrigation problems is related to water quality. There are contaminants more than one contaminating the water and these factors affect directly the water quality in the course of time. Decreasing the water contamination is directly related to the awareness about correct usage of fertilizer and agricultural pesticide by farmers.  

Furthermore, one of the important problems to be considered about irrigation is organization problems. The usage rights of water resources are complicated due to the fact that there is not any comprehensive water law in Turkey. 

There are works to be done in relation to efficient water usage in agriculture. It is an obligation to solve the problems related to water shortage of agricultural sector before becoming a water crisis. Taking the required precautions related to irrigation methods should be among the primary works. 


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