Water is an important life source for the world. It is an obligation to be careful about usage of water resources which have vital importance for all living creatures. The water requirements of the plants are determined according to their species as they are almost constituted with water. It is significant to raise awareness of farmers about the impontance of the irrigation in agriculture from the point of adequateness of water resources in the future. Nutritive elements in the soil can perform their natural cycle by virtue of water cycle. Water reaches to the soil after the raining, and then it becomes possible to merge to air due to the factors such as vaporization and transpiration. The transpiration of plants allows them to take the water from the soil and convert it to the water vapour. In this way, they transfer the water to the air. 

The irrigation systems in Turkey are generally two types as open canal and pressurized irrigation. Basin irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation methods are utilized when it is required to mention irrigation methods. One of the most important reasons requiring irrigation in agriculture is plant’s failure to take necessary water by means of natural ways. Plant requires necessary water from soil to the root part. It is also significant to irrigate in adequate amount and on time. Agricultural irrigation is quite important as the agricultural fields in Turkey are located in the arid and semi-arid climate zone. It is so important to deliver the water to the field in adequate amount and with the least loss during the irrigation. It is required to consider energy and water saving provided by the systems while correct methods are utilized due to the limited fresh water resources. Many criteria is considered while preferring irrigation systems. 

Points to Take into Consideration while Preferring Irrigation Systems
It is obligatory to take some aspects into consideration while preferring irrigation system. The irrigation systems are preferred according to the levelling situation of field. The type of crop is one of the factors affecting directly the irrigation amount. Some products require less water as well as some of them require a lot of irrigation. One of the aspects to take into consideration in relation to irrigation is physical and chemical features of the soil. 

The region in which the field is located and the climatic conditions of the region are taken into consideration. Many factors such as wind, moisture amount and annual rainfall rate in the region affect directly the irrigation system to be applied. Correct irrigation is quite important from the point of protecting fresh water resources as well as obtaining the required performance. Therefore, irrigation methods which are suitable for the results obtained from the researches should be preferred. 

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